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While embarking on a countrywide path of furthering socioeconomic development, Iraq realizes the growing importance of strategically investing in its Human Capital. In light of this, promoting higher education is the most crucial means in ensuring the success of such a development initiative.


Keen on developing the academic level in Iraq, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research sends thousands of Iraqi scholars to study in international universities each year.


For this purpose, Iraq Higher Education 2013 is launching its first edition to connect the region's academics and students with the world.


  19 state and state-recognized private higher education institutions are currently operating in KRG
 94,700 is the total number of students at higher education institutes in KRG


KRG will find no better investment than education of the region’s generations. No capital investment can, in the long run, match the returns that will be achieved from an educated population capable of competing in both the local and global economy.”

Dr. Ali Saeed, Minster of Higher Education, KRG


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